Water-absorbent sandbag “Dah Bag SERIES”

Features of dashback

Introducing the necessity of sandbags, comparison with conventional sandbags, and product lineup.

Utilizing sandbags for flooding and flood damage


A large amount of precipitation causes not only flooding of rivers and lakes, but also flood damage to houses and stores.

It is necessary to take preventive measures in a short time against the frequent guerrilla rainstorms in recent years.

In case of such an emergency, it is difficult to respond quickly with a general “sandbag that fills soil”.


It is difficult to prepare with conventional sandbags.

Whenever sandbags are needed, the store does not always have the required amount of stock.

In addition, there is no time to get earth and sand for sandbags and make sandbags.


In such a case, the water-absorbent sandbag “dash bag” , which anyone can easily and quickly prepare , is convenient !


Easy and quick “dash bag” series.

“Dash bag” can make sandbags in a short time just by immersing it in water.

Not only is it easy for anyone to handle, but it is also ready to immediately go.

Even when the danger of flooding is imminent, you can respond quickly without panic.

Its outstanding performance is highly evaluated, and it has been introduced by many local governments and companies.


Comparison with conventional sandbags

Performance comparison between general sandbags (made of earth and sand) and water-absorbent sandbags “dash bags”.

  General sandbags Dash Bag
Preparation need for earth and sand, tools no need for earth and sand, tools
Carry need for special vehicles and heavy equipment of dump trucks, excavators, etc. no need for special vehicles or heavy equipment as it is thin and lightweight before water supply.
Rapidity to takes time to stuff earth and sand o be able to deal quickly as it is soaked
in water and expands in 5 minute.
Post-treatment to take time and effort owing to necessary of taking out earth and sand and disposing of it to return to its pre-use state in 20-30
minutes using a dehydrating agent

Product lineup

Dash Bag Ⅱ

It is “Dash Bag II” that has shortened the time to completion and improved the post-treatment after use.


“Dash sheet” is a non-woven water absorption sheet made of non-woven fabric that can absorb 10 liters of water in 5 minutes.
Being able to immediately use after opening, you will be quickly respond.

Dash Pool

A special container “dash pool” can prepare water-absorbent sandbags “dash bags” in large quantities at one time, which are effective as measures against flood damage (flooding).
Easy to assemble, compactly to be stored, and you can quickly prepare a large amount of sandbags when it comes to the crunch.

Super Dash Bag

Super Dash Bag is a water-absorbent sandbag that further has enhanced the performance of the dash bag.

By renewing the exterior from linen to non-woven fabric, water absorption greatly improved.
It is possible to inflate up to 20 kg by absorbing water for 2 minutes.

How to use (example)

1.Prepare a container

2.Put in water

3.It’s done in 2 min

4.Place (put on)