1. Jan. 2022
    Website renewal
  2. Apr. 2020
    Transferred some import/export operations of products and services
    in the environmental field to NAVICS Co., Ltd.
  3. Dec. 2019
    Decided to introduce foreign capital to a subsidiary company,”NAVICS Co., Ltd.”
  4. Nov. 2018
    Visited to an automobile company (in Beijing), Zhejiang industrial complex,
    Jiangsu industrial complex
  5. Dec. 2017
    Began consulting to develop Chinese market for waste plant products
  6. May. 2016
    Began consulting to develop Chinese market for water quality improvement products
  7. Oct. 2015
    Began a matching business of EV battery products for Chinese companies
  8. Aug. 2014
    Completed prototype development of “Management/payment terminal for
    EV quick charger” of the (government) subsidy project
  9. Apr. 2014
    Made a work partnership regarding the matching business with
    Shanghai Momiji New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
  10. Sep. 2013
    Establishment of a subsidiary company, “NAVICS Co., Ltd.”
  11. Oct. 2012
    Began sales of “Public Works Support” software
  12. Sep. 2012
    Closing of Tokyo office
  13. Apr. 2011
    Began sales of EC site configuration service, “EC-eXpos”
  14. Aug. 2010
    Joined “Hiroshima Software Company Business association (HSCBA)”
  15. May. 2009
    Began sales of “Store system with source program”
  16. Oct. 2008
    Notification of Specified Worker Dispatching Undertaking
  17. Apr. 2008
    Opening of Tokyo office
  18. May. 2007
    Began sales of “CRM store management system” installed with
    customer management function as standard
  19. Aug. 2006
    Joined Hiroshima Industrial Promotion Organization
  20. Jul. 2006
    Joined the Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce
  21. Mar. 2006
    Increased the capital to seven million yen
  22. Jun. 2005
    Increased the capital to five million yen
  23. Sep. 2004
    Began sales of store management system, “eXpos”
  24. May. 2003
    Founded based on the minimum capitalization exemption system