Pathfinding the future with advanced technology


The Asian currency crisis that occurred just before the 21st century had not only caused problems in neighboring countries, but also had a great impact on Japan.

It was also the moment when the illusion that only Japan would develop its economy unrelated to them in the East Asian region was shattered.

We believe, if an economy does not stand in one country and shows its way of life in global relationships and regional relationships and in a (global) speed feeling, it is the way companies survive in the 21st century that companies deal with those well as a risk environment and gather wisdom, put it into practice and make efforts so as to acquire the skills to overcome competition.

Based on this recognition, we would like to strongly support companies that are expanding their business not only in Japan but also in the East Asian region.

The quality, quantity, and speed of people and goods that flow across national borders are getting more and more intense, so naturally, relying on self-procurement and self-solving alone will lead to a deadlock sooner or later.

We would like to promote our business “utilization of advanced IT, recruitment of human resources beyond nationality, spirit of challenge, cooperative growth of regions, customers and employees” as keywords for business management and contribute widely to society.

With the guidance and encouragement of all of you, we will work hard every day so that all employees can contribute to the growth of our customers.

Toshinori Kusunoki

Representative Director

, May 2003