Sintered metal filter

Filter type

Filtration and Filter

“Filtration” is the operation of separating solid stuff from a liquid or gas by passing a mixture of a solid in a liquid or gas through a filter medium with many fine holes.
The tool that performs this operation is the “filter”.

Filter classification

There are two types of filters, a depth filter and a screen filter.
The depth filter captures the object internally, and the screen filter captures the object on the surface.
Screen filters also include membrane filters, ultrafiltration filters, dialysis membranes and reverse osmosis membranes.

Filtration classification

Depending on the filter used, there are “coarse filtration”, “microfiltration”, “ultrafiltration” and “reverse osmosis”.

Filtration Size Filter classification Filter use Captured stuff (e.g.)
coarse filtration > 10μm a depth filter Pretreatment to prevent filter clogging Algae, Fungi, Pollen etc.
microfiltration 50nm – 10μm a membrane filter Sterilization operation Bacteria (E. coli), etc.
ultrafiltration 1nm – 50nm an ultrafiltration filter Fractionation and concentration with a molecular weight of 1,000 kDa or less Hemoglobin,Virus, etc.
reverse osmosis < 1 nm dialysis membranes and reverse osmosis membranes Water purification, etc. Glucose, etc.

Experiences of manufacturing sintered filters

Sintered filter

Sintered metal (= porous metal) is the product manufactured by the powder metallurgy method (, which is the manufacturing method in which metal powder is molded and sintered to make a metal product). A product in which the sintered metal is made porous and all the pores are connected is a sintered metal filter.
The names “sintered metal”, “sintered filter”, “sintered metal filter”, “sintered metal element”, “sintered element”, and “porous metal” are all the same product.

Features of sintered filter

It has the following characteristics.

Experiences of manufacturing sintered filters

Below are some of the production experiences.

  1. Industrial water treatment filter
  2. Industrial oil filter
  3. Industrial steam filter
  4. High temperature gas filter
  5. Purified gas filter
  6. Resin raw material filter
  7. Dope filter
  8. Filters for analytical instruments
  9. Filter for manufacturing hollow fiber membranes
  10. Organic solvent filter

Sintered filter specifications (shape, filtration precision, material, dimensions)


We can provide the following shapes.

CylindricalPlate typeDisk type, Square type


Filtration precision range

It can be manufactured in the following range.

  • 0.3μm – 100μm

Providable sintered filter materials

We can provide filters of the following materials.

  • Stainless (316L 304 310S)
  • Hastelloy C22
  • Monel-Alloy
  • Titanium


It can be manufactured in the following range.

  • Cylindrical:
    Maximum length 1400 mm, Outer diameter 6-285 mm, Thickness 1-4 mm
  • Plate type:
    Diameter 10-400mm, Thickness 2-5mm
  • Disk type, Square type:
    Length 10-350mm

In addition, “Two-layer filter”

“Two-layer filter” with the outer layer as the filtration layer and the inner layer as the reinforcing layer is accepted as a special order.


If you could show us the specifications (of the connector), we will make them according to those.


Request for Quotation

Please show the application, specifications (shape, filtration precision, material, dimensions, and other necessary specifications) and quantity when requesting a quote.